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North Carolina Needs Expanded Health Insurance Options

Across North Carolina, thousands of low-income families fall into the “coverage gap,” earning too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to gain subsidies to purchase health coverage in the insurance marketplace. Many of these folks work in jobs that do not provide health coverage, including food service, retail, construction and early childhood education.

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Medicaid expansion in North Carolina is a cost-effective solution

North Carolina can take advantage of available federal funding right now to bring health care to half a million people. 37 other states have done this by expanding the Medicaid program, including our neighbors in Virginia.

Getting coverage to uninsured people saves states money. Research in Montana, Colorado, Michigan, Louisiana and Virginia found that expanding Medicaid resulted in significant savings to those states’ general funds.

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Expanding Medicaid in NC makes economic sense

Covering more uninsured people reduces health care costs for everyone, even for those who have their own private health insurance. When people can’t afford basic care, they often wind up in the ER with preventable – and very expensive – health crises. Hospitals have to eat the cost – and those costs are passed along to the rest of us. That’s why premiums for people who buy their own health insurance are now significantly lower in the 37 states that have already expanded Medicaid.

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