Our journey started long before March 17, 2015 with all the wonderful staff at Community Care, but this was the day that our journey began with such a wonderful caring loving staff that I am positive without them my mom would have lost her hand.

My mom had had an accident with her hand a couple of weeks before and was continuing to get worse so we made an appointment for it to be seen.  When Dr. Peters saw her hand she was very alarmed with what was going on.  She sent us straight to the er.  When arriving they had already received a phone call from Dr. Peters voicing her concern. They took us straight back to be seen and knew all that had happened.  This started our road to recovery.

Mom was taken to Caldwell hospital in Lenoir by ambulance.  With tests and other things being performed I received several phone calls from Community Care letting me know that they were there for anything we could possibly need.  I spoke with either Dr. Peters or the nurse Nikki or the office manager Mary everyday.  When we first began we were not sure if mom would even keep her hand there was loss of blood flow for some time.  They were most definitely thinking she would lose her thumb and wasn’t really sure the whole hand.  When on Sunday we received a wonderful visitor.  Dr. Peters had spent her day driving all the way to Caldwell hospital to check on us.  And see my mom and make sure she was ok.  Reassuring her that whatever happened she would get physical therapy, medicine whatever she needed she would help in any way she could and believe me she kept those words to my mother. 

She spent hours and hours and hours checking on us, talking with other doctors to make sure every step of the way, this was the correct treatment for her.  We spent over a week in the hospital.  When finally we got the news we could bring her home.  Which meant that her hand would have to be wrapped and medicine on it everyday.  Knowing that I myself could not do all this and know what to look for about infection and swelling and anything that could happen that may be a bad sign of it not healing the way it should.  When I called to let them know she was coming home and what she had to do the awesome staff had us come everyday and wrap her hand and put the medicine on it and check it everyday to make sure that hand was ok.  Even on the weekends Dr. Peters and Nikki were taking turns coming in to bandage her hand spending time out of their weekend. 

This would definitely not happened at any other doctors office I am sure of that.  We have had a few bumps along this healing process but every step of the way the Angels from Community Care were right there with us.  Another stay in the hospital due to the blood thinner and some other problems but guess what Dr. Peters came each day she was there to see her and follow up with what the other doctors were doing.  And the wonderful staff, Nikki and Mary were calling and texting me everyday to make sure she was ok.  Not only did they make sure mom was OK, they were concerned about me and my family. 

When we went for the follow appointment with the hand doctor she had while in the hospital he told us that he had done everything he could and would be finding her a specialist that would have to take over her case.  When I spoke with Dr. Peters about what he had said and really how we were treated.  She started making calls and plans on getting her another hand doctor that was going to be able to help her.   We had an appointment within a day and Dr. Peters planned on going with us to that appointment.  Really you will go with us.  Yes I am serious this precious doctor is going and did go with us.  She cleared her schedule for that morning so she could be there with us and had called this doctor herself and as for him to see my mom she made all this happen.  Never before had we had such a wonderful caring doctor that was willing to drop everything and be there for us.  But we found that in Dr. Peters. 

My mom still has some healing to do but with all the help from these wonderful people she is now doing much much better.  Her hand is healing wonderfully and hopefully soon getting back to the things she most enjoys.  Her flower, her weed eating and crossword puzzles thanks to these awesome people that made all this happen.  This has been a difficult journey seeing what my mom has gone thru.  But have been extremely blessed with getting to know each of the staff at Community Care.  Each day taking her to get her hand wrapped and checked.  I witnesses a staff that is truly there to make a difference; a staff that helps each person that comes thru the door.  A staff that each one is caring, compassionate and willing to do whatever it takes to make someone better.  I have never seen a medical office like this and I am amazed that there is such a medical staff like this one.  I could never repay them or thank them enough for all they have done.  It is truly a blessing to have Community Care in this community.  They saved my moms life and her hand and for that I will eternally be grateful.  They were even going to help with $250 to go see the new doctor before Dr. Flemming took over her care. I want the whole community and the board at Community Care to know that a life was saved, a hand was saved and a daughter was saved from losing her mother too early.