New Stories Health & Wellness Center

Contact Information

1024 Waughtown St., Winston-Salem, NC 27107

Patient phone: 336-971-8016

Business phone: 336-971-8016


Additional Clinic Information

County (or Counties) served: Forsyth and surrounding

Services provided:

  • Medical Exam/Physical exam – can be for screening for chronic medical problem, or exam for acute medical problem – such as (but not limited to) sore throat, earache, painful urination, extremity pain, rash. Can also provide physical for school/work/sports. Prescriptions provided as indicated. Most clinic dates we are also able to provide a consult with a physical therapist if indicated.
  • Point of Care Testing – Finger stick for blood sugar level, urine dipstick for urinalysis, strep throat swab, flu swab, EKG/ECG, pregnancy test.
  • Orthopedic Closet – currently we have an ortho stock that allows us the ability to provide wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, ortho boots, splints, ankle supports, shoulder immobilizers, arm slings and knee immobilizers if needed/indicated.
  • Procedures/Interventions – we have the materials to perform simple stitches/staples/and skin adhesive, suture and staple removals, nebulizer (breathing) treatments, simple incision and drainage procedures with packing if indicated, basic acute wound care, simple removal of foreign bodies (think penny in nose or something stuck in ear)
  • COVID testing – onsite swab obtained and processed at FCHD laboratory.
  • Dental Services – consultation with dentist, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and simple extractions

Days and hours of operation:

  • Medical- Every other Thursday 4pm-8pm
  • Dental- Saturday mornings by appointment only

Eligibility guidelines:

  • no insurance or cannot afford dental work

Walk-ins: No

Fee: No

Bilingual Staff: No

Other: Dr Keith Phillips, DDS is dental clinic supervising dentist over Dr. Jannette Whisenhunt, RDH

Dental Director: Jannette Whisenhunt
Phone: 336-971-8016